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Quantrix version 6.4.4 Now Available

Postby QDirector » Wed May 31, 2017 11:21 am

Quantrix Forum Community,

On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 we made available a new software release for Quantrix Modeler (version 6.4.4) to fix two specific high priority issues:

• After using the Dependency Inspector to navigate to an input cell in a matrix, changing this cell value will calculate the model properly (QM-21907)

• Calculation now occurs properly after inserting items when the Calculation Setting for Treat Empty cells as missing is selected (QM-21945)

INFORMATION FOR QLOUD ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS: There is not an associated Qloud software upgrade for this version 6.4.4 release so if your Qloud Enterprise version is 6.4 no further action is necessary. Please contact customerservice@quantrix.com with any questions.

We recommend taking on this update as soon as practical. To update your Quantrix Modeler, please choose Help > Update Quantrix from the application menu.

For your future convenience, you can set the update frequency policy via Tools > Options > General and selecting your update policy preference. (On every start, daily, weekly, monthly, never).

If you prefer to download the installer directly, please visit the Quantrix support portal or contact customerservice@quantrix.com.

If you have any technical issues during the update process, please contact support@quantrix.com.

Thank you for your continuing support of Quantrix.
Mike Salisbury
Director - Quantrix
Official Quantrix support is provided through the IDBS Help Desk via support@quantrix.com
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