#Size Error while using Select Function

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#Size Error while using Select Function

Postby ShriShank » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:55 pm

I would be grateful if you could help me resolve Select function issue.
In the attached model. I have 3 matrices. Matrix:FY16 report has data for FY16 and Matrix: FY17 Report has data for FY17. Also, Categories Type and Month are linked were as the other categories are not linked as they have different items Y-over-Y.

I am trying to pull the data, from both the matrices, into consolidated report matrix using Select function. In doing so, I get a “#Size”. How do I solve this issue?

Formula Used: Month=switch(@FY="FY16",select(FY16 Report::LineItem,and(@FY16 Report::LineItem,@FY16 Report::Department),and(@LineItem,@Department)),@FY="FY17",SELECT(FY17 Report::LineItem,and(@FY17 Report::LineItem,@FY17 Report::Department),and(@LineItem,@Department),"No Value"))

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